Monday, May 10, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Munich

After Cologne, I got on German ICE, and visited Munich. There were so many tourists along the main street. I enjoyed German dishes with beer at famous plaza.

Photos of Munich

At next day, I made a day trip to the suburb of Munich. The target was to see Neuschwanstein Castle. The castle was very beautiful in the mountain. I enjoyed the gorgeous interior inside the castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle

HRC Munich was located near famous beer restaurant called as HOFBRAUHAUS. I bought some pins, and enjoyed talking with a staff.

HRC Munich

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Cologne

In 2004, after I enjoyed Paris for 5 days, I got on Thalys for Cologne.
When I arrived to Cologne station, I was so surprised that I could see the famous Cathedral from the inside of station !! It was like the Cathedral was looking at me from outside.

The Cathedral was so huge, and I could feel the power of it. I went to the top of it, and enjoyed the view of Cologne.

Kimono with Cologne Cathedral Posted by Hello

Photos of Cologne

Cologne was not a big city, but there were so many interesting things that could attract me.

Of course, I visited HRC Cologne.

HRC Cologne

I had dinner at HRC Cologne. The cool interior of this cafe was one of the best in my Hard Rock life. I enjoyed the mood of HRC Cologne, and had great meal.

Fortunately, they just release 1st anniversary that used the famous cathedral on it.
I love this pin !!

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Guam

In 2003, I just visited 1 HRC. This was the only trip I did in 2003 !!!

Anyway, I got enough miles to get free ticket, so I decided to go to Guam for vacation.
I stayed there for a week, and it was long enough to enjoy Guam.
Everyday, I enjoyed swimming in the beautiful sea, and went to some of shopping mall to have meal.
While I was in Guam, I saw 5 movies there, I was really happy that I could see some of new movie before they came to Japan later.

Photos of Guam

Of course, I visited HRC Guam every night. This HRC was located along the famous street, so nobody would miss to find this cafe.

HRC Guam

Around HRCs, there were not only many stores but many restaurants. At the HRC, I could trade many of Japanese pins with many staffs who were so friendly. I had a good holiday in Guam.

Kimono in front of HRC guam Posted by Hello

Friday, May 07, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Lake Tahoe

After long drive in the mountain area, I finally arrived to Lake Tahoe that had been one of the famous resort area.
I found the sign of HRC at the building that had Casino & Hotel inside.

It was late night(around 0;00AM), so I checked in the motel near HRC, and walked into the building.

I hardly saw people inside because it was out of holiday season here, and then I found HRC Lake Tahoe.

HRC Lake Tahoe

This cafe looked very unique with Lodge style that I really liked. I was so tired after doing long drive through mountain, so I returned to the motel, and took enough rest for next day. At next day, I could see the beautiful view of Lake Tahoe. I could refresh my mind, and went back to SFC.

-Photos of Lake Tahoe

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Sacramento

After SFC, I visited Sacramento only for HRC.

HRC Sacramento

I had to leave here for Lake Tahoe soon, so I just bought some pins, and took photos. I hardly saw people in downtown of Sacramento at that time, but I was surprised that there were so many people inside HRC. I felt the popularity of HRC there.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco

On the way back from Mexico, I arrived to San Francisco. Before this, I visited SFC twice, but I had never visited the former HRC San Francisco.

I rent a car at SFC airport, and went to Pier 39. I finally visited HRC San Francisco that had been reopen at the Pier 39.

HRC San Francisco

This location was one of the best in my Hard Rock Life. HRC was just located at the entrance gate of famous tourist area "Pier 39", so there were so many tourists inside this cafe.
Instead of that good location, this HRC itself was one of the worst in my Hard Rock Life. I just didn't like the interior as well as the appearance. I got some pins, and ate fish&chips at other restaurant.
And then I left there for next HRC.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Hard Rock Life

These are the list of HRC I have visited.

(01)HRC Miami
(02)HRC Orlando
(03)HRC Chicago
(04)HRC Washington D.C
(05)HRC New York (1st cafe)
(06)HRC New Orleans
(07)HRC Key West
(08)HRC Niagara Falls, Canada
(09)HRC Niagara Falls, NY
(10)HRC Toronto Skydome
(11)HRC Toronto
(12)HRC Boston (1st cafe)
(13)HRH Las Vegas
(14)HRC Las Vegas
(15)HRC Tijuana
(16)HRC Vancouver
(17)HRC Memphis
(18)HRC Nashville
(19)HRC Dallas
(20)HRC San Antonio
(21)HRC Houston
(22)HRC Atlanta
(23)HRC St. Louis
(24)HRC Cleveland
(25)HRC Indianapolis
(26)HRC Berlin
(27)HRC Paris
(28)HRC Amsterdam
(29)HRC London -- 2nd visit in 2008
(30)HRC Osaka (1st cafe)
(31)HRC Yokohama
(32)HRC Nagoya
(33)HRC Kobe
(34)HRC Ankara
(35)HRC Rome
(36)HRC Madrid
(37)HRC Barcelona
(38)HRC Bangkok
(39)HRC Kuala Lumpur
(40)HRC Singapore
(41)HRC Taipei
(42)HRC Kowloon (HRC Hong Kong now)
(43)HRC Seoul (1st cafe)
(44)HRC Tokyo
(45)HRC Universal Citywalk Osaka
(46)HRC Osaka (2nd Cafe)
(47)HRC Fukuoka
(48)HRC Makati
(49)HRC Shanghai
(50)HRC Beijing
(51)HRC Pattaya
(52)HRH Pattaya
(53)HRC Uyeno-Eki,Tokyo
(54)HRC La Jolla
(55)HRC San Diego
(56)HRC Newport Beach
(57)HRC Los Angeles
(58)HRC Mexico City
(59)HRC Guadalajara
(60)HRC San Francisco (2nd cafe at Pier 39)
(61)HRC Sacramento
(62)HRC Lake Tahoe
(63)HRC Guam
(64)HRC Cologne
(65)HRC Munich
(66)HRC Bali & HRH Bali
(67) ↑
(68)HRC Jakarta (2nd cafe)
(69)HRH Chicago
(70)HRC Louisville
(71)HRC Narita, Tokyo
(72)HRC Hong Kong The Peak
(73)HRC Bahrain
(74)HRC Dubai
(75)HRC New York(2nd cafe on Broadway)
(76)HRC Philadelphia
(77)HRC Baltimore
(78)HRC Atlantic City
(79)HRC Seoul(2nd cafe in Itaewon)
(80)HRC Dublin
(81)HRC Edinburgh
(82)HRC Manchester
(83)HRC Cardiff