Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HRC Seoul (2nd cafe) again

I visited HRC Seoul again in Feb 13th of 2008.

HRC Seoul was not opened when I visited HRC Seoul in Dec of 2007,
-My Seoul visit in 2007
so I decided to visit Seoul again in Feb of 2008.
But the opening date of restaurant was postponed until March
though the store has been officially opened.

At HRC Seoul. I met staff who has been my friend since my last visit.
They were really friendly, and we talked a lot!

My friend let me see the restaurant under the ground that will be opened next month.
I think I was the 1st man except staffs who saw the restaurant.

To tell you the truth, I was really surprised !!
The store on the ground was not big,
so I could not imagine they had this huge space under the ground.
I think this restaurant is bigger than HRC Universal City Walk Osaka.
There are some of private room, and live stage.

The staff told me that their main target for this restaurant is local Korean people.
Korean people like to have party with many friends,
so they plan to open this restaurant from 12 noon until 5 AM.
This mean local people can have party all night.
I think this is new challenge for HRC Seoul,
because US base has been moving to other area.

2 days later, I met staffs again, and enjoyed trading pins with them.

I had great time with great HRC staffs at HRC Seoul.