Sunday, November 25, 2007

HRC Atlantic City

I visited HRC Baltimore in Nov 24 of 2007.
After good time in Baltimore, I got on Greyhound,
and arrived AC around 18:30.
For me who don't enjoy gambling, Atlantic City was place only for HRC.

HRC Atlantic City was easy to find because it was located next to Trump Taj Mahal that was really huge Casino hotel along Boardwalk.

They had many of nice pins, so I bought many pins then.

I enjoyed talking with staffs, and took some photos of inside HRC.
HRC AC was worse than I expected, but I could find some of good pins,
so it means I had good time here. Thanks.
This was my 78th HRC visit.

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After HRC, I enjoyed shopping.
And then I returned to NYC by Greyhound.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

HRC Baltimore

I visited HRC Baltimore in Nov 24th of 2007.
It was long way to Baltimore by Greyhound bus,
but I spent all day of Nov 24th for HRC visit.

HRC Baltimore was located in the area of Inner Harbor that has been the most famous tourist destination of Baltimore.
It was really easy to find HRC.
The building next to HRC had big guitar sign on the top of it,
so I could see it even from highway.

There was not many people inside HRC, so I enjoyed walking inside HRC,
and took some photos.
I also spend much time at the merchandise store, too.

-Baltimore 10th anniversary pin

It was nice to visit HRC Baltimore.
This was my 77th HRC visit.

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By the way, I had to wait for next bus that will bring me to Atlantic City,
so I did some sightseeing until then.
-with Babe Ruth

-Beautiful Inner Harbor

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Friday, November 23, 2007

HRC Philadelphia

I visited HRC Philadelphia in Nov 23rd of 2007.
To tell you the truth, Philly brought me to USA at this time.
It is true!!
After I saw Rocky Final, I really wanted to visit Rocky Step in front of Philly museum.

It took about 90 min from NY by Greyhound bus

I arrived, and went to Market St that is the main street of Philly.
I easily found HRC Philly. Great location!!

This cafe was not huge, and I didn't see many tourists like NYC,
so I really could relax, and enjoyed to see memorabilias, and pins.

A good thins was that they had some of sexy pins that I like.
And I could enjoy trading pins with staff. Thanks!!
This was my 76th HRC visit.

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But the main event of my Philly visit was not HRC.
I went to Philly Museum, and spent much time there.

-Famous Rocky Step

-Like Rocky from the top of Rocky Step

It is obvious that Philly was the best for me through my US trip of 2007.
I really had great time in Philly. Thanks!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hard Rock Cafe New York (2nd cafe on Broadway)

I visited HRC NY(2nd cafe) in Nov 22nd, 2007.
It has been almost 10 years since I visited NYC in Dec of 1997.
After the plan of HRH NY was canceled, I once planed to go to other cities like Rome,
but there are some HRC around NY I have never visited, and I wanted to go to Philly after I saw the movie "Rocky Final", so I decided to visit NY again.

At this time, HRC NYC has been on the Broadway!!
I was really surprised when I saw HRC in the center of Times Square.
How did they make it?? I think this location is the best of all cafes.

I saw many tourists inside the merchandise store,
and there was long waiting line for restaurant.
I saw some photos, and bought some pins there,
but I felt like I could not relax there because it was hard even to find the way I walk inside HRC!!

This is my favorite Brooklyn Bridge pin that I got then.

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I have a lot of things to do in NYC, so I left HRC soon,
and had great time in NYC for couple of days.

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