Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Osaka

I started to collect HRC pins when I was a student in Chicago, so I have never been to HRC Osaka even though I knew there was HRC near my home in Japan.

My HRC Osaka page

In 1999, I was so excited to come back to my country after studying for 3 years & half. HRC Osaka was very close to my home-town, It took about 30 min by train. HRC Osaka was called as the stadium of Rock even though the stadium was closed then. I remember I bought many pins then, and had continued to visit HRC Osaka every week. Unfortunately, HRC Osaka was closed in the end of 2000. I miss this cafe.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe London

Finally, Kimono came to Hard Rock Cafe London in 1999 before going back to Japan. As all of you know, HRC was born here in 1971, so I had waited to come here for a long time since I started to visit HRC.

My HRC London page

There were many people to go inside of HRC. I now regret that I hardly took photo of HRC London. I got some pins like city guitar & black taxi pin. Hopefully, I can visit London near the future.

About the city of London, it was also great. I was so busy to visit a lot of famous places around London. I am sure I will come back to London soon.

Photos of London

Monday, June 28, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam

After a wonderful week in Paris, I visited Brussels, and then I arrived to Amsterdam. I enjoyed some Museums, and visited Anne Frank's building.

Photos of Amsterdam

It was a little bit hard for me to find HRC there. I got a tulip guitar that I really like. I think this is one of the best city guitar I ever seen.

My HRC Amsterdam page

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Paris

(1st visit)
My 1st visit for Paris was in 1999 while I had been at my friend's home in Poland. After I traveled Praha, Wien, Venice by train, I arrived to Paris. Paris is one of the most famous city in the world. There were so many placed I have to visit. Fortunately, I could stay at my friend's room near Eiffel Tower for a week, so I really had a great week.

Of course, I visited HRC Paris then, but I really didn't want to spend time there, because I had many places I wanted to visit around Paris. I got a city guitar, and I left there. I didn't even see the inside of HRC Paris.

(2nd Visit)
In 2004, I visited Paris for my Honeymoon. Paris was the best places for romantic trip ! I stayed for 5 days there, and had good days with my wife. We had a small Wedding ceremony at the church there. Sounds romantic, doesn't it??

Of course, I visited HRC Paris again, and at this time, I did see the inside of HRC, and took many photos. About pins, there was nothing I wanted to buy, so I just bought a key chain.

My HRC Paris page

Photos of Paris

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

After I finished my study in USA, I visited Poland before going back to Japan, because one of my former classmate asked me to come to her home. I was so excited to go to Europe for my first time, and really had good time at my friend's home in Poznan. I stayed there for 2 months. While I was there, of course, I didn't miss the chance to travel around Europe.

About Berlin, it took only 3 hours by train from Poznan, so I visited Berlin three times then. Berlin was a huge city, and there were so many famous places I could enjoy.

Photos of Berlin in 1999

Hard Rock Cafe Berlin was a bit hard to find.
Fortunately, they just released their 7th anniversary pin.

My HRC Berlin page

In addition, I could trade pins for the first time. Before leaving USA, I sent a e-mail to a German collector who怀was Marie-Luise Pross, and we had deal to exchange our pins through a staff of HRC Berlin, because the collector had no time to come then. Since then, she has been one of my best friend !

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Friday, June 25, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Indianapolis

Indianapolis was not far from Chicago where I had studied at college, so I did visit Indy to see the Indy Speedway before HRC was opened.

In 1999, I went to Indy after Cleveland. At this time, the purpose of the visit was only for HRC. I could find HRC easily in downtown, and bought some pins. Indianapolis was not a big city, but they have famous speedway that has been used for Indy 500 Final. That is why HRC has been there in Indy.

My HRC Indianapolis page

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland

In 1999, I made a short trip by car after I graduated from my college in Chicago. At that time, I did visit 3 HRCs(Cleveland, Indy, and St. Louis). I did a long drive from Chicago to Cleveland through the night, and I finally arrived to Cleveland in the early morning. It was very easy to find HRC because there was a huge sign along the road.

HRC was located inside the big mall. I bought some pins like Martini pin, and then I could take a rest, and enjoyed shopping.

After HRC, I visited the museum in the suburb of Cleveland to see the painting of Monet. I was so happy that I could see the famous painting of Monet that showed Monet's wife on it.

My HRC Cleveland page

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe St. Louis

I love St.Louis. While I was a student in Chicago, my first trip from Chicago was St.Louis. It was before HRC was opened. I went there by train, so I arrived at the station near the Union Station mall.

2 years later, I visited St.Louis again for HRC. HRC St.Louis was located inside Union Station Mall where I visited 2 years ago. It was after GO, so fortunately I could buy GO & Calendar pin by myself!! I was so excited when I found many of great pins on the counter. It was one of the best memories from my Hard Rock Life !!

My HRC St.Louis page
Photos of St.Louis

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta

I visited Atlanta twice in 1998. The mood of Atlanta was very different from other US cities. I enjoyed walking around the downtown, and I also went to the famous mountain.

About HRC Atlanta, it was easy to find it, and they had a good flying-V guitar.

My HRC Atlanta page

Unfortunately, a Huge snow storm of 1998 attached me on the way back to Chicago from Atlanta. It was in Dec 31st of 1998. I remember I had hard time to drive a long way in the snow storm.

Photos of Atlanta

Monday, June 21, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Houston

Before going to Houston, I visited Johnson Space Center. I enjoyed their tram tour even though it was so cold outside.

And then I visited HRC Houston(Old location). I bought a city guitar as always, and then went to the mall in downtown. There was big skate rink inside the mall, and the mood was great.

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