Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona

After I had great time in Madrid, I moved to Barcelona.
While I was in Barcelona, I visited HRC a couple of times,
but unfortunately, the cafe was always crowded,
so I could not have enough time to trade with staffs.

The following pins were on sale at HRC Barcelona.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hard Rock Hotel Madrid

According to HRC official web, HRH Madrid was supposed to be opened around March 2006
when I decided to visit Spain last year.
And now HRC official web says HRH Madrid is coming in June 2006!!

- Hard Rock Cafe Official web

Of course, I know the word "Don't trust what HRC web says",
so I have no regret about it.

While I was in Madrid, of course, I visited the location where HRH would be opened.

The location is not bad.
I could walk there from Prado Museum, and Atocha station easily.
But the location was not along main street,
and I don't think the area is safe for tourists.

After my visit, the plan of HRH Madrid was canceled.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Pins from HRC Madrid

At HRC Madrid, the following pins were on sale.

And I also got the following items. Look cute, doesn't it??

Hard Rock Cafe Madrid

I visited HRC Madrid in Feb 20th.
I was suprised that the HRC has been changed since I visited there in 2000.
The merchandise store is now located inside the cafe, and they have a big bar.

My friend came to HRC to see me, and of course, we had great time.
I traded many pins with him, and could also trade with some staffs.
Thanks !!

I could really relax at HRC after a long-long flight from Japan.