Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanks for everything, Marie.

I hate to tell this, but it is true Marie passed away.
She was first collector whom I met & trade after I started to collect HRC pins while I was college student in Chicago.
It was at HRC Berlin in 1996.
Since then, we traded pins a lot. I can not count
She always helped me when I travel European countries.

In 2005, she invited me to Spring in Berlin 2005.
We had good time at HRC Berlin.

In April of 2008, she came to our Osaka pin meeting with her friends.
-Photos of our big meeting in April 15th of 2008
We had big meeting, and had a lot of fun.
We celebrated her birthday then.

Recently, she asked me by e-mail if I needed any pins from Columbia.
And then, a couple of days ago,
I got e-mail from her that she was going to the hospital.
Today, the bad news came to me.

Marie, Thanks for everything.
I will miss you. I really miss you.