Sunday, July 17, 2005

The hottest pin in Japan

HRC Nagoya has released the pins for Aichi Expo 2005 since Dec 2004(until Sep 2005).
They release different pins every month, and all of them had been sold out quickly.

The popularity of the pins sound crazy now.
For example, HRC Nagoya released the pin(below) in July 15th.
Those are gold version and silver version.

Nagoya Expo 2005 pins Posted by Picasa

Before HRC Nagoya was opened at 11:30AM, about 160 people had been already on the line,
and some of them had been waiting all night since July 14th !!
These pins were made only 500 each, and HRC sold only 5 pins per each.
That means that only 100 people could buy the pins,
and about 60 people didn't have chance to get it!!
Sounds crazy, right??

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Pray for Surf 2005

Japan's Pray for Surf 2005 were out in July 1st.
Check the Surf pins of Osaka & UCW below.
The design of these are cool, aren't they??

Osaka& UCW Surf 2005 Posted by Picasa