Wednesday, September 29, 2004

My 32nd birthday

 I was born in 1972.
Since I came back to Japan in 1999, I have enjoyed my birthday at HRC.

+ Former HRC Osaka in 2000
+ HRC Makati in 2001
+ HRC Yokohama in 2002
+ HRC Universal Osaka & HRC Osaka in 2003

And today, I enjoyed my 32nd birthday at HRC Osaka.
Do you know about the birthday pin ? All of Japanese HRC have the birthday pin that we can get if we go to any HRC at our birthday. You go to HRC at your birthday, and show your ID. That's all you have to do. And then the staff will bring the special dessert with your birthday pin, and will take a photo of you to make special button for your birthday(Check the following scan) !!

Birthday button Posted by Hello

I really think this is really a good idea. About Birthday pins, they make different pins for each year, and each pins also has each constellation on it. My constellation is Libra, so look at the following scan of my birthday pin that I got today.

Birthday pin in 2004 Posted by Hello

In addition, HRC Japan released Zippo Hot Tour guitar pin today. It was the first time that HRC Japan released new pins at my birthday, Thanks! The following scans are birthday pins that I got before.

Birthday pin in 2002 Posted by Hello

Birthday pin in 2001 Posted by Hello

Birthday pin in 2000 Posted by Hello

Monday, September 27, 2004

I have dreams.

I have been traveling many countries.
Kimono Travel
While I was in USA, I had 3 dreams.
I wished to visit 3 places then.
Those are The Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat of Canbodia, and Machu Picchu of Peru.

About 4 years later, I have visited 2 of those as well as other great places.
I visited the Great Wall of China in 2001 when I enjoyed Beijing& Shanghai.

Great Wall w/Kimono Posted by Hello
Some Photo

Most of you must know that China is the strong force right now on our earth. I could enjoy those cities much better than I expected.
My image about China was only from some Chinese movies, but I noticed that my image was totally mistake, and I really enjoy those great cities. What I like the most is that they keep their traditional things even though their life styles have been changed by recent economic growth. I think this is what Japanese should learn.

And in 2002, I visited Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat w/Kimono Posted by Hello
Some Photos
It was very hard for me who always travel by myself. I had to wait for a long line to make tourist visa when I arrived the airport(very small house!), and the weather was crazy! Too hot !
Anyway, I reserved a taxi(a normal car), and could enjoy many historical places in a jungle under crazy hot weather. Angkor Wat was the greatest in my life. I spent a lot of time inside Angkor Wat, and could see enough of it.

About Machu Picchu, I have not had opportunity to visit there, because it would take many days to visit there from Japan. I regret that I didn't go there while I was in USA. Going there from USA would be much easier that going there from Japan. I wish I could finally visit Machu Picchu someday.

Machu Picchu Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Pins from Asia

 Some of Asian pins arrived here today.
Look at Singapore Halloween ??

Singapore Halloween Posted by Hello
This is the pin that was sold out within a day(LE 300).
I understood why this pin was so hot, because this really looks cool !!

Do you collect Pint Glass series ??

Beijing Pint Glass Posted by Hello
The number on those pins show the opening order of each HRC, so I guess many collectors would like to complete this series, right ??

I have collected many of Halloween pins for a couple of years, because I liked Halloween pins.
My Halloween collection
But I am not going to do it this year. The reason is that I don't feel most of Halloween pins look cool any more. I will collect what I like from Halloween 2004, and then I will say good-bye, Halloween season!! Halloween pins are not my main target any more !

Friday, September 24, 2004

Hard, Easy, Lucky, and the best

I have enjoyed visiting HRC for many years.My HRC Visit
The reason is that I can see many things in many cities through HRC visit. It is true that there are many cities that I would not visit if they didn't have HRC there. I have many memories through HRC visit, and I am going to talk some of them now.

Which HRC was the toughest to visit??
It's very easy for me to select. Ankara should be the answer.

HRC Ankara Posted by Hello
I went to Ankara by bus after I enjoyed the world heritage called as Cappadocia. It was snowing all the day, and I had hard time to find the local bus that will bring me to HRC. I don't know why HRC was in Ankara though the HRC was closed now. If it was located in Istanbul, HRC collectors could visit HRC easily. Anyway, I am glad that I could visit HRC Ankara before it was closed.

Which HRC was the easiest to find ?
I have many HRC for this answer. St.Louis, San Antonio, Indianapolis, and Toronto Skydome are the answer. Former HRC Orlando was easy to find. I mean I found HRC Orlando by accident when I visited Universal Studio Florida for the first time. At that time, I was not interested in HRC at all, but I was very hungry after I enjoyed some attractions, and I found the sign that lead me to HRC Orlando. In fact, there was the way to go to HRC Orlando from the inside of Universal Studio, so it was very easy for me !! I ate Rib then, and that is all I remember as my first HRC lunch.

Lucky one ??
I think the answer is HRC Tijuana.

HRC Tijuana Posted by Hello
While I was traveling around US by car, I decided to visit Tijuana after San Diego, because I have never been to other countries but Japan & USA then, so I wanted to see Mexico though it was the short trip. I found HRC-T at a store when I walked around Tijuana, and I asked the sales man if there was HRC near there. I had no info about HRC then, so I was so glad that I could find HRC Tijuana by accident even though HRC Tijuana has only a pin for sale then(^ ^;)

Which HRC was the best through my HRC visit??
This question is the hardest to answer, because I have many good memories through many HRC. Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City, Bangkok, Rome, and Makati are the answer, because I could meet local collectors, and did some trades with them. If I chose only one, Makati should be the best of all, because it was my birthday then, and the manager asked all staffs to take photos together to celebrate my birthday. And I could trade many pins with many staffs at private room, so I really have good impression about HRC Makati.

My birthday at HRC Makati Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Game is War

 Most of you can not speak Japanese, but many people around the world know the name of Nintendo & Sony. Some of you who read this blog now might have Nintendo Game or Sony Playstation 2 near your TV. Now they are ready to release new game.

Nintendo will release Nintendo DS.

Nintendo DS Posted by Hello
The official site
This portable game has 2 screens w/many functions like touch screen & voice recognition, and in addition, they will release some of their famous title like Super Mario 64x4. In Japan, they plan to release this in Dec 2nd.

Sony is also ready to release their new game named as PSP(Playstaion Portable).

Sony PSP Posted by Hello
Like PS2, PSP will have many of their famous title w/DVD function, so many fans expect their new game. I have been Nintendo fan since I enjoyed their Family Computer, NIntendo 64, and Game Cube, but at this time, I like Sony PSP better than Nintendo DS. After I get many info about those games, I will decide what I want. Anyway, I look forward to playing those new games.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Kiss 2nd series

Kiss (store in Oct. 1) Posted by Hello

 Official HRC Japan site has the scans of Kiss series now.
Kiss 2nd series
I think these series look much better than last series that were released in 2003. Kiss is one of the most famous rock group in the world, so there pins would become hot when they are released in Oct. 1st.

Check this out.

Tokyo Thanksgiving (store in Oct. 1) Posted by Hello
You might think I am kidding, but HRC Japan is serious. I am ashamed to say, but they are going to release this pin in Oct. 1st. This pin is not for free. You have to pay money for this pin if you need!! As a collector living in Japan, I really feel miserable that HRC Japan release a pin like this. Who designed this??

HRC & Zippo guitar (store in Sep 29) Posted by Hello
In addition, HRC Japan & Zippo will release guitar pin.
HRC met Zippo
I think this guitar pin looks not bad, and there are many collectors who like guitar pins, so I will need some of them for my friends.

By the way, I found the official site of HRC Melbourne & Sydney.
Melbourne & Sydney
Check this out if you have not seen yet though it seems that there are no info that collectors might be interested in.

Monday, September 20, 2004

I love NBA

I love NBA. After I watched NBA Final Bulls vs Suns(MJ vs Sir.Charles) on TV, NBA Final looked like real fight. I was so excited about those tough games. Since then, I have watched NBA on TV. Of course, I went to United Center to enjoy Bulls game while I lived in Chicago even though it was hard to get those tickets. I like MJ, Barkley, Chris Webber, Jaren Rose, and Iverson.

My favorite player is Chris Webber because of Fab Five. Do you know about Michigan FabFive?

Fab Five - the legend Posted by Hello
Talking trash and wearing long, flapping shorts, the Fab Five of Michigan shocked the world by reaching the NCAA championship game as freshmen, then repeating that feat as sophomores. They were hailed like NBA pros, cheered like rock stars. But their spotlight life was filled with demons and challenges. Fab Five is still legendary team now. Their attitude really attracted me after I read a couple of books about Fab Five.

Of course, I like MJ. I cried when MJ did that final shot against Utah at Final. I know he changed the game, and push NBA to the next level.

Final shot Posted by Hello

Recently, I like Iverson, because of the way he has played. He is not big guy, but he always shows his best, and tries to win any games. I love his attitude. He lead his team to NBA Final once, and he has already gotten MVP as well as All-star MVP. What he needs is the champion ring now, but the situation about him are not good right now.

The Answer Posted by Hello

Since I came back to Japan, I have been away from NBA. I mean I can not watch most of NBA game now. In USA, I could watch NBA game on TV almost everyday, but in Japan, I can watch the game on TV about twice a week. TOO BAD!! so I have to check everyday during the season.

Saturday, September 18, 2004


 If you see my favorite site on the sidebar, you will find WWE Official site. Yes, I like WWE. While I was in Chicago as a student, I enjoyed 7 shows of WWE(WWF)including 1 PPV. I liked that, because some wrestlers were really cool, and fun to watch!

Stone Cold Steve Austin Posted by Hello

First of all, Stone Cold caught my eyes. During attitude era of WWF, Stone Cold was the icon. Everything that he was doing attracted his fan, because he was so wild, and I liked his speech. When I went to Rosemont arena near ORG for my 1st WWE show, I was surprised that so many young people were there, and everyone started to scream when they listened to the Stone Cold music. Stone Cold really attracted many people, and helped WWE(WWF) to become one of the most famous company in the world.

Like Stone Cold, I like Rock who is on the way to be a Hollywood star after a big hit of his film Scorpion King. I remember that I had been so excited about Rock vs Hogan at the Wrestle Mania.

Rock vs Hogan at Wrestle Mania Posted by Hello

Stone Cold & Rock look like bad guy on the ring, but their characters were cool enough to make a strong impact on many people.. Recently, WWE did their Japanese tour with many of their stars like Undertaker, Angle, and Cena, but it was not enough for me to go to the show, because I miss the excitement that Austin & Rock made in that era.

Friday, September 17, 2004

I am on TV

Kimono on TV Posted by Hello
 Today, I was on TV. I mean that the program about Pin Meeting Osaka was broadcast today. It was really fun that I watched myself on TV. I really think they made a good program about Pin even though it was about 10 min. They showed a lot of pins from HRC, Olympic, Baseball, and more, so I think this program attracted many people who was not interested in this hobby.

Some pins like Olympic pins and Japanese Baseball pins are major pins that most people in front of TV know the brand name. But it's true that most people don't know about HRC pins(at least in Japan), so what I planed for the program is that I introduced the pins that could attract people who has no knowledge about HRC. What I selected from my collection is Hurricane series, GO, and Girl pins. Can you guess why I chose these?? I think Hurricane series are beautiful enough to attract many people with the color & the design. And about GO, many people would be interested in those, because Grand Opening pins really sound rare. In addition, I showed some girl pins, because Japanese women might like these by those cute designs.

As a result, what they uses for the program on TV was some Hurricane pins, Pittsburgh GO, and Hong Kong the Peak GO. Why?? Like I told, some of Hurricane pins were really beautiful & cool on TV
My Hurricane pins

Pittsburgh GO pin can be opened, so good enough to attract many children.

Pittsburgh GO Posted by Hello

And about Hong Kong The Peak GO, this pin has tremendous impact, and in addition, LE 100 sounded very rare.

Peak GO Posted by Hello

I enjoyed the program, and I really hope HRC pins would be more popular like Disney, Olympic, and World Cup near the future.