Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HRC Seoul (2nd cafe)

I visited new HRC Seoul in Dec 11th of 2007.

Since I heard that HRC Seoul would be opened at new location,
I had kept exchanging e-mails with a staff of HRC Seoul.
And I finally got the opening date after I came back from my US trip.
It was in Dec 5th, and I decided to visit South Korea from Dec 10th.
The problem was I was so busy after my US trip(from Nov 22 until 27th),
so I had only 2 days in Seoul.

And then I heard that the opening date of Gift Shop was postponed until 13th,
but the staff promised HRC can officially start to sell pins from Dec 11th.
Of course, I was really worried about it, but no time to change my plan.

-Day 1
I arrived to Seoul around 5PM in Dec 10th.
It took about 90 min from Osaka to Seoul.
The staff of HRC Seoul promised me that she would give phone call to me in Dec 11th,
so only thing I could do was to wait until 11th.

I found HRC Seoul easily when I arrived Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon area.
-Hamilton Hotel
New HRC Seoul is located on the site of Hamilton Hotel.

There are many Embassies in Itaewon, and US base is located in the area, too.
I think HRC Seoul got the best location in South Korea.
I saw many of foreign tourists around the area.

Of course, Gift Shop was under construction.
I saw no items inside HRC.

This is a photo from parking area of Hamilton Hotel.

After that, I enjoyed Seoul's night life.

Famous Lotte Hotel was beautiful with Xmas light.

-Day 2
I got phone call from the staff of HRC Seoul,
and she came to the lobby to pick me up.
She took me to HRC Seoul, and showed inside HRC.
According to her explanation, 1st floor will be used only for reception with some memorabilia,
and Gift Shop will be on 2nd floor.
Like old HRC Seoul had, new HRC Seoul will have huge restaurant under the ground that would be opened in Jan of 2008.

After that, she took me to the office near HRC,
and I finally could meet Grand Opening pin on the table.

I really like traditional design from each country,
so of course, I love this pin very much!! LE 300.

They also had other pins that will come for new HRC Seoul opening.

I was really satisfied that I could buy many of new pins from new location.

They told me that they would release Grand Opening 2008 with different design when they open the restaurant in Jan of 2008.

Going to Seoul is very easy from Japan. Only 90 min by plane,
so I will visit HRC Seoul again when they finally open the restaurant next year.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Photos from HRC Heidelberg(not official HRC)

A friend of mine just came back from her German trip.
While she was traveling, she found HRC Heidelberg that is not official HRC,
so she took some photos for me. Thanks, G.

I tell you again that this HRC is not official HRC.
But they have some items like official HRC usually sell,
and the logo really look like official HRC have.
It is OK to buy something if you know this is not official HRC,
but I guess many tourists have bought something here because this is HRC.