Sunday, December 17, 2006

Macau in 2006

I did a day trip to Macau by Turbo Ferry from the central of Hong Kong.
It took about 40 min, but Macau was totally different world from Hong Kong.

Macau is now in China, but we need to write entry card to enter Macau with Passport.
They have their own currency,too.
But I could use Hong Kong dollar in Macau though they gave me change by Macau pataca.

The historical area of Macau was chosen as the world heritage in 2005,
so it was my main reason to visit Macau at this time.

This is Macau's famous landmark.

It was a very hot day, but I walked around the historical area.

Believe or not, Macau is now No.1 gambling city over Las Vegas.
I saw many of huge gambling hotel, and there were many hotels along the sea that were being built now.
I can not imagine how big Macau would be after a couple years.

Friday, December 08, 2006

HRC Seoul (2nd cafe)

-1st visit in Dec, 2007

-2nd visit in Feb, 2008

Thursday, December 07, 2006

2nd visit to Hard Rock Cafe Hong Kong

It was Hard Rock Cafe Kowloon when I visited this cafe in 2000.
This cafe became HRC Hong Kong after HRC was closed from central of Hong Kong.

I liked the memorabilia of Dragon guitars near the merchandise store on the 1st floor.

And I of course bought the pins from those memorabilia.

Thanks for HRC Hong Kong.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hard Rock Cafe Hong Kong The Peak

I visited HRC Hong Kong The Peak in Dec 6th, 2006.

There was no Hard Rock Store there when I visited Hong Kong in 2000,
so at this time, I was really excited to visit this store.
But you know this is only the store.
Nothing special at Hard Rock Store.

I bought some pins like The Peak new city guitar.

After HRC, I really enjoyed the beautiful night view of Hong Kong from Peak Tower.