Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bangkok pins

2 pins came here from Bangkok.

One is their 14th anniversary that was released recently.
This pin represents the traditional story about Thunder God.
I like this kind of pin that shows something about each country.

Bangkok 14th Posted by Hello

And Bangkok just released new color of Tuk Tuk series.
This one is 4th Tuk Tuk of the series.

Bangkok Tuk Tuk Blue  Posted by Hello

Bangkok pins always attract me, and their pins always look special among HRC pins.
Yes, it is true!!

Sunday, March 27, 2005


I got some of bear pins from USA today.
I am not going to complete this series.
I asked my friend to get what I like, and some of those came here.

One of my favorite is the bear from Philly !!
Beacause of cinema fan, I know why this bear wears this costume.
Like I do, most of you know why, right ??

Philly Bear 2005 Posted by Hello

And HRH Chicago also released good one !!
When most people on the earth think of Chicago, the following words must come up to our mind.
- Micheal Jordan
- Gang
- Chicago's Stuffed Pizza

HRH Chicago Bear 2005 Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

From Amsterdam

I got new pins from Amsterdam today.
Here is 6th anniversary(LE 550) that was just released at HRC Amsterdam.

Amsterdam 6th Posted by Hello

And here is the pint series that was finally released from Euro location.
I hope I could at least get Pint from London. That is only what I want.

Amsterdam Pint Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Do you still collect Kiss ??

All HRC in Japan are going to release Kiss 2005 in March 6th.
No problem. Kiss is famous all over the world, and Kiss series are always good to trade.

Osaka Kiss 2005 Posted by Hello

But a big problem is that all HRC in Japan are going to release Kiss series every month from March until Dec. Yes, it's true !! Every month !!
Do you still collect Kiss pins ??

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Universal Citywalk Osaka 4th

Hard Rock Cafe Universal Citywalk Osaka released their 4th anniversary items today.
5 kinds of anniversary pins(Crazy!!), Teddy, and Beanie......

UCW 4th Posted by Hello

I remember I was so happy when HRC UCW was opened because we didn't have HRC around Osaka area for a while after the former HRC Osaka was closed.
So we decided to do our monthly pin meeting at HRC UCW though the monthly meeting has been held at HRC Osaka every month.
All staffs were good to all collectors, and we enjoyed their anniversay.

HRC Universal Citywalk Osaka Posted by Hello