Tuesday, August 31, 2004

NOYZ just started !

 In August 31, 2004, I just started my blog as NOYZ.
The reason is very simple.
I've been working on my HRC web since May 2000,
so I recently have the feeling called as Monotony !
Ocasionally I am bored to do same things
(scan..update...scan again..update again...),
so I wanted to do something new to refresh my myself!!

 I'm not going to do this everyday.
I will do this when I have something to share w/you.
I'm not really sure how long I will continue doing this.
It might be a year? or might be 5 year? Who knows?

 For Noyz, I don't care about grammatical mistake,& misspell.
It had been almost 5 years since my return from Chicago in 1999.
My US life sounds like Long - long time ago.
So I'm not good at being a good English writer right now.

 About the name of NOYZ, as you can guess, I got this from NOISE.
"Making a noise to the world" is recently my concept for my web.
Anyway,Noyz just started, so I am moving on !!

I am Kimono ! Posted by Hello

Monday, August 30, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Street

- I put all photos that I used for HRC Museum before.

HRC Berlin in May 2005 Posted by Hello

New Orleans in 1997 Posted by Hello

Hard Rock Cafe Paris in 2004 Posted by Hello

Hard Rock Cafe Osaka Posted by Hello

Munich in 2004 Posted by Hello

HRC Nashville in 1998 Posted by Hello

HRC Cleveland in 1999 Posted by Hello

HRC Kowloon in 2000 Posted by Hello

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Kimono Gallery

Barbakan in Warsaw Posted by Hello

Memphis in 1998 Posted by Hello

Kuta Beach, Bali in Oct 2004 Posted by Hello

Teotihuacan in 2002 Posted by Hello

Atlanta in 1998 Posted by Hello

Key West in 1997 Posted by Hello

6th Floor, Dallas in 1998 Posted by Hello

Sukhothai, Thailand in 2002 Posted by Hello

Morelia, Mexico in 2002 Posted by Hello