Thursday, July 29, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Guadalajara

After I had great time in Morelia where was the city of the world heritage, I got on the bus for Guadalajara.

Guadalajara was very huge like Mexico City. I stayed at a hotel in downtown, and enjoyed sightseeing, and shopping.

Photos of Guadalajara

HRC Guadalajara was located inside the shopping mall.

HRC Guadalajara

I had to go there by taxi. Even though they had some of good pins, I saw nothing special here, so I just had some drinks, and then enjoyed shopping in the mall.

After Guadalajara, I went to Guanajuato that was also the city of the world heritage. Guanajuato was the best of cities where I had visited in Mexico. The view from the famous hill was just unbelievable !!

Photos of Guanajuato

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Mexico City

In 2002, I made another trip in Oct. I planed to visit 5 HRCs of Mexico & USA. I arrived to Mexico City. Mexico City was so huge !!

Photos of Mexico City

There were so many people wherever I went, and the mood of the city was really wild. I enjoyed shopping as well as sightseeing.

While I was there, I made one day trip to Pyramid that was located in suburb of the city.

The pyramid was one of the biggest thing people made. It was hard to go to the top, but the view from there was unbelievable.

Of course, I visited HRC Mexico.

HRC Mexico City
A staff of HRC Mexico is my friend whom I did many trades with.
At HRC Mexico, I met him, and had dinner together, He gave me Camel pins that was only given to HRC staffs before.

And then we talked about many things, and had good time with great music.

About pins, it was one of the best in my Hard Rock Life.
There were so many pins I liked !!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Los Angeles

After HRC Newport Beach, I went to huge shopping mall in the suburb of LA. I enjoyed movies as well as shopping. Unfortunately, it was at 10:00 PM after the movie. I was surprised, and confused what I was going to do then.

There were 2 more HRCs around LA. I had 2 choices then. Going to HRC LA or HRC Hollywood. I selected HRC Los Angeles. HRC Los Angeles is one of the historical HRC like HRC London. I always wanted to visit the first HRC in USA.

HRC Los Angeles

I drove my car, and arrived HRC LA before the cafe was closed. I took some photos inside, and bought some pins as I always do. In USA, the history of HRC was born here. I had good day, and stayed at a motel in Hollywood area, and then I left USA for Japan early morning.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Newport Beach

After I visited HRC San Diego, I went to HRC Newport Beach.

On the way to HRC Newport, I lost my way around there, and wasted time.
Finally, I found the huge sign of HRC, and took some photos inside, and bought some pins for my friends. I really had no time to take a rest here, and left here for LA.

HRC Newport Beach

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe San Diego

After HRC La Jolla, I check in the motel near San Diego, and then went to downtown of San Diego.
It was on Saturday, so there were so many people. It took about 30 minuteds to park my car !

HRC San Diego

I had dinner at HRC San Diego, and enjoyed the mood of HRC.
I was very tired after round trip to Death Valley. I can not believe that there were so many HRCs around one state!!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe La Jolla

In 2002, I visited USA again for 5 days. I planed to visit HRC around LA though my main target was Death Valley .

After I went to Death Valley by car, I returned to California, and then I visited HRC La Jolla.

HRC La Jolla

HRC La Jolla was located along nice street where many stores & restaurants attracted people. I took some photos inside, and bought some pins there. After that I left there for next HRC(in San Diego).

Friday, July 23, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Uyeno-Eki, Tokyo

In March of 2003, another HRC was opened in Tokyo that has already had HRC Tokyo in Roppongi of Tokyo. At this time, HRC was opened inside the mall of Uyeno Station.

HRC Uyeno page

At the GO day, I had business in Yokohama, so I could not attend the GO ceremony, so I visited the cafe at the night. There were still some kinds of GO pins on the counter(They released 4 kinds of GO !!).

I really think this HRC is located in the best place of all HRCs, because HRC is just in front of the main entrance of Uyeno station, Even though this cafe is the smallest HRC in my Hard Rock Life, I really like this HRC, because I can visit this cafe easily when I had business in Tokyo area. The location is more important for me than the size.

The city of Uyeno is famous for Uyeno Zoo that has Panda Bear, so HRC Uyeno recently release pins with Panda every month.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

After I enjoyed HRC Pattaya like this, I stayed for a night at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya that was located next to HRC.

HRH Pattaya page

This was my first stay at HRH even though I visited HRH Las Vegas before. Hard Rock Hotel was so gorgeous, and the location was great. The interior of the room was also cool, and I enjoyed walking inside HRH, too.

There were Mega Store inside HRH, and I was surprised that they still had GO pin on the counter. I had good time at this HRH.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya

In 2002, I went to Thailand again, because HRC & HRH was opened in 2001. Before going to Pattaya, I visited 2 of world heritage around Far East. They were Angkor of Cambodia & Sukhothai of Thailand. I really had great days there even though the schedule of my plan sounded crazy.

After that, I stayed in Bangkok for a day, and had great day with my friend who always helped me to get great pins from Thai location.

Next day, I got on the bus for Pattaya. Pattaya was famous for resort. HRC Pattaya was just in front of the beautiful beach.

HRC Pattaya

I stayed at HRH, and had dinner at HRC Pattaya. Some staffs of HRC was so friendly, and we did exchange our pins.

Photos of Pattaya