Friday, July 23, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Uyeno-Eki, Tokyo

In March of 2003, another HRC was opened in Tokyo that has already had HRC Tokyo in Roppongi of Tokyo. At this time, HRC was opened inside the mall of Uyeno Station.

HRC Uyeno page

At the GO day, I had business in Yokohama, so I could not attend the GO ceremony, so I visited the cafe at the night. There were still some kinds of GO pins on the counter(They released 4 kinds of GO !!).

I really think this HRC is located in the best place of all HRCs, because HRC is just in front of the main entrance of Uyeno station, Even though this cafe is the smallest HRC in my Hard Rock Life, I really like this HRC, because I can visit this cafe easily when I had business in Tokyo area. The location is more important for me than the size.

The city of Uyeno is famous for Uyeno Zoo that has Panda Bear, so HRC Uyeno recently release pins with Panda every month.


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