Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo

In 2001, I could finally visit HRC Tokyo that was the 1st cafe in Japan. I had business in Tokyo, so I was excited I could go to this historical cafe after the work.

My HRC Tokyo page

HRC Tokyo has been located in Roppongi that has been famous for night life in Japan. This cafe was not huge cafe, but the mood of it had something special. I really felt the history !

Since then, I have visited HRC Tokyo many times. I always enjoy HRC Tokyo that could be the kind of memorabilia among HRC fans.

One of my best memory at HRC Tokyo was their official Pin Meeting that was held in 2004. I went to Tokyo by bullet train, and had great time with many of Japanese collectors(about 100 collectors). It is always fun to talk to people who have same hobby, right ?


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