Monday, July 05, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Rome

After Turkey, I arrived to Rome by plane. Like Paris & London, I was so busy to see many of famous place around Rome. The transportation in Rome was not good, but I really had great days.

Photos of Italy

The memory of HRC Rome became special for my Hard Rock Life. Before leaving Japan, I sent e-mail to the local collector, and we had deal to exchange our pins at HRC Rome then. It was my 1st trade by face to face. There were 3 collectors including UK collector. We showed our pins, and exchanged many pins then. One of them had Pin Bag then, and I was so interested in the bag because I didn't know I could buy Pin Bag from HRC official web. Trading with the local collectors was so interesting, and we could talk about many thing, Thanks!

My HRC Rome page


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