Sunday, July 04, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Ankara

About my travel around Europe in 1999, I regret that I missed some cities I wanted to visit, so next year(in 2000) I had been traveling around Europe again for about 2 months. After I had great time in Athens, I got on the bus for Istanbul ! It took about 22 hours to get to Istanbul by the bus, so I was so tired !! One of the worst memory in my life !!

Photos of Turkey

Instead of the worst memory, Istanbul was great !
Istanbul has two face that are European side & Asian side. I stayed there for a week, and really had great days.

And then I got the night bus for Cappadocia where was my main target in Turkey. Cappadocia has been one of the most famous destination, and in fact, I was really excited that I could see the unbelievable view around the area !! Fortunately, it was snowing then, so the view became much better even though it was too cold outside.

After Cappadocia, of course, I didn't miss the chance to visit HRC Ankara. I got on the bus for Ankara on the way back to Istanbul. Ankara is the capital of Turkey even though there was not many places to see for tourists. I really had hard time to find HRC Ankara, because most people didn't understand English around the bus terminal. Somehow, I got on the local bus for ? . I was so impressed when I finally found the HRC from the window of the bus.

At the merchandise on the 2nd floor, I could buy many pins like Halloween & some of local pins, and then I had lunch there, and talked with a staff.

I could take a rest, and enjoyed the mood of HRC Ankara. After HRC, I got on the night train for Istanbul. I had one of the best memory in Ankara as well as one of the hardest memory.

My HRC Ankara page


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