Sunday, December 26, 2004

Hooters pin

I got some pins from USA, and it contains a pin from . Recently, some of my friends collect Hooters pin as well as HRC pins, so I could see some pins from my friend, and some of them attracted me !

I have ever visited Hooters when I visited St.Louis, but I didn't know they had pins for sale. Some of Hooters pins are actually good. My friends sent me the scans of some pins that he could get for me, and here is what I asked him to get !!
Look cute, doesn't it??

Like this!

This is X'mas 2004 pin from Singapore.

Singapore X'mas 2004 Posted by Hello

I really like the pin like this! When you see this pin, most of you could recognize where this pin came from,right?? This famous lion is the symbol of Singapore that is very clean, and heaven for shopping. of course, sexy girl for X'mas pin is no problem, but I prefer this kind of design. Because only Singapore can use this famous lion for their pins. I love the pin LIKE THIS!

Monday, December 20, 2004

From Kuwait

-Pins from Hard Rock Cafe Kuwait finally arrived here. I have never been to Kuwait, so I can not imagine what kind of country Kuwait is. But I can guess there would be a desert because of the design of GO pin.

Kuwait GO 2004 Posted by Hello

Except GO pin, there are few pins that I would like to have, I hope HRC Kuwait would release what I want to have for my collection, Hopefully, I want to travel around Middle-east if a peace come to those countries someday.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Gothenburg ?

- GO set from Hard Rock Cafe Gothenburg arrived here today. HRC Gothenburg was opened in Dec 10th, and I got the GO set today(Dec 18th). Thanks for quick mail !!

Gothenburg GO set 2004 Posted by Hello

To tell you the truth, I have never heard the name of Gothenburg. My frined told me the city has been famous, and many tourists go there for sightseeing. Is that true ? I don't think I will go to Sweden anytime soon, but I might go to Sweden it they open 3rd HRC someday !! Impposible, right ??

Friday, December 17, 2004

The best of 2004

-I have selected the best pin of the years since I started my HRC web.
Now it is time to announce my favorite pin from all pins that I got in 2004. The pin must be the pin which I got on my hand, and I think of how I met the pin.
Here is the best pin of 2004 from my collection.

Cologne 1st Anniversary Posted by Hello

-Let me explain why I chose this. I visited Cologne in May 2004 after having good time in Paris. The Cologne Cathedral was much bigger than I expected before, and I was really impressed!! The Cathedral had a big impact, and really caught my eyes. After that I visited HRC Cologne, and met Cologne 1st. I was surprised at the beauty of the pin, and I still like this pin very badly !! That is why I chose this pin as No.1 from this year.

Kimono with Cologne Cathedral Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 12, 2004

From Philippine

- I got a package from Philippine today.It contained some pins from Hard Rock Cafe Makati. Makati

Makati Halloween 2004 Posted by Hello

Halloween 2004 pin(LE 300) actually looks worse than I expected. The color of this is OK, but the design of this girl pin was not my favorite even though HRC Makati has released some of good girl pins in 2004.

Instead of that, Makati Chopper(LE 300) looks much better than I expected.

Makati Chopper 2004 Posted by Hello

I don't collect Chopper series, but this pin will be good to keep for my collection.

-In addition, the package also included a cap opener(LE 300). This is the best one from this package !

Makati Bottle Opener Posted by Hello

It has been about 3 years since I visited Hard Rock Cafe Makati in Sep 2001. All of the staffs was friendly, so I have many of good memories about HRC Makati.

My birthday at Hard Rock Cafe Makati in 2001

Friday, December 10, 2004

Facade guitars with Hard Rock Cafe

I got some of Facade series even though I gave up getting all Facade from 68 HRC where I have visited before. It would be possible to get all if I try, but I have to give up many of great pins for a while if so.

Here is what I got with the scan of those HRC.

Did you have good time??

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Munich October fest pin

-Recently, I got many pins from Euro. The main target of the trade was London Facade series.

London Facade series 2004 Posted by Hello
I am not going to collect all Facade from all over the world. Yeah! Hard Rock Cafe was born in London, so London Facade is worth to have in my hand.

In the Euro package, I found Munich Octorberfest(Oktoberfest)2004 pin that really looks beautiful.
Check this out.

Munich Oktoberfest 2004 pin Posted by Hello
I recommend you to have this for your collection.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Dragon guitar

-Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok just release Dragon guitar.

Bangkok Dragon guitar Posted by Hello

This is not the Dragon series that have come from most HRC around the world. I really like this guitar with 3D style, and think this is much better than those of Dragon series.

In addition, Bangkok also release another good pin.

Bangkok X'mas 2004 Posted by Hello

Friday, December 03, 2004

Gone with the WHAT ??

-I received some pins from USA. All pins look good. Thanks!

Check this out now.

Scarlett & Butler Posted by Hello
Yes! Gone with the wind!! Of course, you know the name, right??
Gone with the wind is one of the most famous movie in the world. And these are pins of Scarlett & Butler from the movie. HRC Atlanta held the PCC event "Gone with the Pins" in Nov 2004, and these are the event pins. Good job!!

Event Button Posted by Hello

- These pins are also good.

AC Pin Twin Posted by Hello
I have collected girl pins, and I love sexy pins like these pins.

- Here is the another event pins from HRC St.Louis.

St.Louis event pin Posted by Hello
The event was called as Gateway to Paradise. You can see the famous landmark of St.Louis on the neck. Good work !