Thursday, July 08, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok

(1st visit)
In April 2000, I went to Thailand that was my first trip for Far East. Everything around me attracted me. I enjoyed the difference from those countries where I had visited before Thai. My main target in Thai were some of world heritage & to enjoy Muy Thai(Kickboxing).

I also visited Ayutaya heritage that was located in the suburb of Bangkok. That was a great short trip.

About HRC Bangkok, it was located in the area where many shopping stores & restaurant were located. I could get many pins, and took many photos of HRC then.

My HRC Bangkok page

Unfortunately, their staff at the merchandise store was one of the worst in my Hard Rock Life. But I understand there are many kinds of people on our earth.

Photos of Bangkok

(2nd visit)
In 2003, another HRC was opened in Thai. That was HRC Pattaya, so I decided to visit Thailand again. Before going to Bangkok, I visited two great heritage that were Angkor Wat and Sukhotai.

And then I stayed in Bangkok for 2 days. I met a local collector whom I have traded for a long time. We had lunch at HRC Bangkok, and we did some sightseeing together. I had great time again in Bangkok.


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