Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Seoul

This was my last trip in 2000(5 times in 2000). South Korea is very close to Japan, but this was my first trip for Seoul. Seoul was a big city with 2 faces. There were traditional side & modern side, and they were mixed in some area. Some area of Seoul was so exciting with many stores & people.

What I enjoyed the most was their food like Korean barbecue.

In addition, they have some of historical places including some of world heritage that was really worth to visit. While I was in Seoul, it was snowing, and unfortunately, I was cold then. So I really had hard time to walk around those historical places, but I enjoyed those places.

Photos of Seoul

About HRC Seoul, I think it is one of the worst location in my Hard Rock Life even though the cafe itself was great with friendly staffs, I had to walk for a long time to visit HRC from the closest station at night. I don't know why HRC Seoul has been located in such a strange place. I could buy Halloween 2000, and enjoyed talking with a staff at the bar. Hopefully, I can go to Seoul again when I am healthy.

My HRC Seoul page


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