Sunday, July 11, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Taipei

I continued traveling around Far East in 2000. At this time, I did a short trip for Taiwan that was very close to Japan. I felt like it was the domestic trip. But the mood was very different. Taipei was huge, and I really had good days there.

Photos of Taiwan

In addition, I changed my plan, and decided to traveled around Taiwan by bus, I visited some cities of Taiwan like Taichung & Tainan. There were so many historical places in each city, and of course, I could also enjoy their local foods.

About HRC, I was lucky that I could visit HRC after reopen.

My HRC Taipei page

After the entrance, there was a long passage to the restaurant, and they put many of great memorabilia on the wall. One of my favorite memorabilia was a guitar from Eric Crapton. This one was so cool.

They had some of good pins like Halloween set 2000. I had lunch here, and talked with some staffs about pins.

Unfortunately. HRC Taipei was closed in 2002.


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