Monday, July 12, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Kowloon

In 2000, I did a short trip again. At this time, I visited Hong Kong where had been very famous for people who love shopping. I was really surprised that Hong Kong was so huge, and there were many area in Hong Kong. I stayed at the area of Kowloon, so I could walk to HRC every night.

My HRC Kowloon page

HRC Kowloon was after reopen. I went there every night, and enjoyed their music with good foods. I really think this cafe was located in the best place.

About Hong Kong, it was great!! Hong Kong has everything for tourists. There are many stores for shopping, some of historical temples, and one of the most beautiful view from Victoria Peak. I went to the Peak 3 times, and enjoyed the view from there.

Photos of Hong Kong in 2000

I also made a day trip to Macao where I could go by ship easily. Macao was a small island, so a day was enough for me who was not interested in Gambling.


There were 2 kinds of HRC(Hong Kong Central & Kowloon) in Hong Kong before. Unfortunately, there was only HRC Kowloon when I visited there, and now HRC Kowloon changed the name to HRC Hong Kong, and another HRC(only merchandise) has been opened at the Victoria Peak. Confused??

- 2nd Visit in 2006


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