Friday, July 16, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe New Osaka

Believe it or not, another HRC came to Osaka in Sep 2001 after HRC Universal Osaka was opened in March 2001. Of course, I was so happy about the cafe that was very close to my home(about 30 min by train).

New HRC Osaka was opened in the center of Honmachi business area after a bank was closed. Of course, I didn't miss the chance to attend GO at this time. In fact, this was my 1st GO, so I was so excited.

At the day of GO, I went to HRC around 8 AM, but then I was surprised that there were many collectors on the line. I saw some collectors from Tokyo area, and Nagoya area. And then we could talk until the opening time(11 AM?). They had some ceremony for the opening, and then we had to wait to buy GO pins !!

New HRC Osaka had new interior that is very different from other HRCs, and in addition, there is DJ booth inside the cafe as well as special bar called as the bank bar. I had lunch with some collectors, and enjoyed my first GO day. Since then, this cafe has been my home HRC, and we have held monthly pin meeting here.

New HRC Osaka page


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