Monday, July 19, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Shanghai

China was always the country where I wanted to go, but I needed tourist visa if I wanted to go to China, so I didn't have chance to go there until in the end of 2001. I had enough time to get the visa before my holidays, so I got tourist visa, and left Japan for China.

At first, I visited Shanghai. Shanghai was so huge ! There were so many tall buildings around the city, and I always saw the big traffic jam. I could see the energy of China in Shanghai. I visited many places, and had good days there.

Photos of Shanghai in 2001

I also enjoyed the famous entertainment in Shanghai call as Shanghai Acrobatic Theater. This great show was the best thing I saw in Shanghai.

The former HRC Shanghai was located next to the building of Acrobatic Theater. I had dinner there, and enjoyed their live.

HRC Shanghai page


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