Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Beijing

After Shanghai, I visited the capital of China. Beijing had something special that lead me to China. I had been really interested in the Great Wall since I was a child, so I was so excited that I could finally visit the famous Great Wall.

Beijing was so huge, so I needed to get on taxi wherever I went. There were so many historical places in Beijing, so I was so busy everyday.

Of course, I made a day trio for Great Wall by bus. I was so impressed when I saw the Great Wall in front of me. I had enough time there, and enjoyed walking on the wall.

Photo of Great Wall

At night, I enjoyed Chinese Opera at the theater. As some of you know, Asian HRC did the series pins in 2001 from this show. I enjoyed this historical show.

About HRC Beijing, the location was one of the worst in my Hard Rock Life. HRC was so far from tourist area, and I hardly saw the people inside the HRC. I had lunch at HRC, and bought some pins like X'mas 2001 that looked very cute.

HRC Beijing page

As a result, I really enjoyed Beijing, but I was disappointed in this cafe.

-Check the report from next visit in 2005


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