Saturday, November 24, 2007

HRC Baltimore

I visited HRC Baltimore in Nov 24th of 2007.
It was long way to Baltimore by Greyhound bus,
but I spent all day of Nov 24th for HRC visit.

HRC Baltimore was located in the area of Inner Harbor that has been the most famous tourist destination of Baltimore.
It was really easy to find HRC.
The building next to HRC had big guitar sign on the top of it,
so I could see it even from highway.

There was not many people inside HRC, so I enjoyed walking inside HRC,
and took some photos.
I also spend much time at the merchandise store, too.

-Baltimore 10th anniversary pin

It was nice to visit HRC Baltimore.
This was my 77th HRC visit.

-Click here for my HRC Baltimore page

By the way, I had to wait for next bus that will bring me to Atlantic City,
so I did some sightseeing until then.
-with Babe Ruth

-Beautiful Inner Harbor

-Click here for all photos of Baltimore


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