Friday, November 23, 2007

HRC Philadelphia

I visited HRC Philadelphia in Nov 23rd of 2007.
To tell you the truth, Philly brought me to USA at this time.
It is true!!
After I saw Rocky Final, I really wanted to visit Rocky Step in front of Philly museum.

It took about 90 min from NY by Greyhound bus

I arrived, and went to Market St that is the main street of Philly.
I easily found HRC Philly. Great location!!

This cafe was not huge, and I didn't see many tourists like NYC,
so I really could relax, and enjoyed to see memorabilias, and pins.

A good thins was that they had some of sexy pins that I like.
And I could enjoy trading pins with staff. Thanks!!
This was my 76th HRC visit.

-Click here for my HRC Philly page

But the main event of my Philly visit was not HRC.
I went to Philly Museum, and spent much time there.

-Famous Rocky Step

-Like Rocky from the top of Rocky Step

It is obvious that Philly was the best for me through my US trip of 2007.
I really had great time in Philly. Thanks!

-Click here for all photos of Philly.


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