Monday, October 11, 2004

Wonderful holidays in Bali

- Hello! I came back from Indonesia yesterday. As most of you know, the situation of Indonesia has been unfavorable, but I could enjoy Indonesia very much without any troubles. I visited Bali for 3 days & Jakarta for a day. I am going to talk about Bali today.

- I stayed Bali for 3 days, and of course! at Hard Rock Hotel Bali.

Kimono at HRH Bali Posted by Hello

- The location of this HRH was one of the best !!
HRH is located Just in front of Kuta beach, so I didn't miss the beautiful sunset,

Kuta Beach Posted by Hello
and we can walk to Kuta Square(Wild shopping area!). In addition, it was very close to the airport. And of course, staying at HRH was great. I could relax at the cool room, and relax at the huge pool with the view of HRC Bali.
Don't forget to check the photos.Hard Rock Hotel Bali,

- About pins from HRH Mega Store, they had some nice pins.
HRH Bali pins,

- About Hard Rock Cafe Bali, it was also great!!

Kimono at HRC Bali Posted by Hello
I always saw the long waiting line to go inside HRC every night. There were many pins I liked. My favorite pins are Earthday 2004.

Bali Earthday 2004 Posted by Hello
HRC Bali pins

- Talking about the life in Bali, I really enjoyed Indonesian foods everyday.
Of course, there were famous fast-food chain like McDonald's & KFC, but I chose to eat Indonesian food everyday. In fact, most of their foods were so good. I liked Indonesian spicy fried rice(Nasi Goreng), Indonesian Fried noodle(Mie Goreng) and Sate with coconut sauce.

Indonesian Food Posted by Hello

- And I also enjoyed the water attraction called as Water Bomb Park near Kuta area. This is like "Wet 'n' Wild" in Orlando, Florida. I could enjoy many sliders, and relax at the pool side. Of course, I could also enjoyed the shopping. I got many T. I really had great holidays here, and of course, I really want to go to Bali again.

Don't forget to check some photos of Bali


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