Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Miami

(1st visit in 1994)
It was Florida where I traveled abroad for the first time in my life. In 1994, After I enjoyed Tampa & Key West, I arrived to Miami. After I enjoyed Miami downtown, , I found Hard Rock Cafe by accident inside the mall, and I decided to have lunch there.

That was the first time to get into Hard Rock Cafe because I have never been to Hard Rock Cafe in Japan. I am not sure what I ordered, and what I saw then. I just remember that HRC was gorgeous, and could enjoy cool music with huge meal !! I think I didn't even check the merchandise then. That mean that I got nothing from there at that time.

(2nd visit in 1998)
4 years later, I was traveling around Florida again. At this time, I was traveling by car. After a long drive from key West, I arrived to Miami. I parked my car at the parking of the mall, and enjoyed Hard Rock Cafe Miami again. A big difference was that I was a pin collector then. So I checked the merchandise before having the meal. There are not many places to see in Miami Downtown, but Hard Rock Cafe is out there, so it is the worth to go there. After that, I stayed at a Motel on the beach side, and had great days there.
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