Sunday, May 09, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Cologne

In 2004, after I enjoyed Paris for 5 days, I got on Thalys for Cologne.
When I arrived to Cologne station, I was so surprised that I could see the famous Cathedral from the inside of station !! It was like the Cathedral was looking at me from outside.

The Cathedral was so huge, and I could feel the power of it. I went to the top of it, and enjoyed the view of Cologne.

Kimono with Cologne Cathedral Posted by Hello

Photos of Cologne

Cologne was not a big city, but there were so many interesting things that could attract me.

Of course, I visited HRC Cologne.

HRC Cologne

I had dinner at HRC Cologne. The cool interior of this cafe was one of the best in my Hard Rock life. I enjoyed the mood of HRC Cologne, and had great meal.

Fortunately, they just release 1st anniversary that used the famous cathedral on it.
I love this pin !!


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