Saturday, May 08, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Guam

In 2003, I just visited 1 HRC. This was the only trip I did in 2003 !!!

Anyway, I got enough miles to get free ticket, so I decided to go to Guam for vacation.
I stayed there for a week, and it was long enough to enjoy Guam.
Everyday, I enjoyed swimming in the beautiful sea, and went to some of shopping mall to have meal.
While I was in Guam, I saw 5 movies there, I was really happy that I could see some of new movie before they came to Japan later.

Photos of Guam

Of course, I visited HRC Guam every night. This HRC was located along the famous street, so nobody would miss to find this cafe.

HRC Guam

Around HRCs, there were not only many stores but many restaurants. At the HRC, I could trade many of Japanese pins with many staffs who were so friendly. I had a good holiday in Guam.

Kimono in front of HRC guam Posted by Hello


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