Friday, May 07, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Lake Tahoe

After long drive in the mountain area, I finally arrived to Lake Tahoe that had been one of the famous resort area.
I found the sign of HRC at the building that had Casino & Hotel inside.

It was late night(around 0;00AM), so I checked in the motel near HRC, and walked into the building.

I hardly saw people inside because it was out of holiday season here, and then I found HRC Lake Tahoe.

HRC Lake Tahoe

This cafe looked very unique with Lodge style that I really liked. I was so tired after doing long drive through mountain, so I returned to the motel, and took enough rest for next day. At next day, I could see the beautiful view of Lake Tahoe. I could refresh my mind, and went back to SFC.

-Photos of Lake Tahoe


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