Tuesday, October 12, 2004

All day for HRC - Jakarta

- Did you read my last blog about Bali??
I am going to talk about Jakarta today.
After those wonderful days in Bali, I visited Jakarta. In the morning, I met a local collector whom I traded with several times before. He brought many pins from Jakarta & other Asian pins. I could get about 15 pins from him. One of my favorite pin from this trade is Makati city guitar with the name of MANILA.

Makati old pin Posted by Hello

By the way, I got the most important information from him. That is that HRC Jakarta has been already moved to new location this June. I was so surprised at it, because Official HRC web has not put the info yet. He showed the way to new location with map.

- After he left, I got a taxi for downtown of Jakarta, and visited some places. One of my favorite was MONAS - Monument Nasional.

MONAS Posted by Hello
This tower was so huge as well as gorgeous !!

- After that, I got on taxi, and asked to go to HRC Jakarta. A funny thing was that the taxi driver brought me to Sarinah Department store where HRC Jakarta was located at before, so I explained the driver that new HRC had been located next to Grand Hyatt Hotel. New HRC Jakarta is located at shopping mall called as Entertainment X'nter that is next to Grand Hyatt & Plaza Indonesia Mall.

New HRC Jakarta Posted by Hello
I really think this location is much better that old one. There were so many people at the mall that had many stores, restaurants, and cinema. HRC was located at 2nd floor.

The entrance of HRC Jakarta Posted by Hello

At the merchandise store, I found 12th anniversary pin whose design come from MONAS tower.

Jakarta 12th Posted by Hello
I really think they did good job on this pin.

- And then I had a drink & a dessert there, and could trade many pins with some staffs. All staffs were so friendly, and we could enjoy trading many pins.

Trade with staffs Posted by Hello

By the way, visiting HRC Jakarta meant that my Asian HRC visit was completed now! It was a long way to reach this point, so I really feel great.

Inside HRC Jakarta Posted by Hello


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