Sunday, June 01, 2008

Nagoya Pin Party 2008 at HRC Nagoya

In June 1st, I got on express train for Nagoya at 8:00AM.
Nagoya is not far from my town.
It took only 2 hours, and I went to HRC Nagoya.

Today, we held Pin Party 2008 at HRC Nagoya.
It was on Sunday, so total 18 collectors joined us.

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Good thing was that there were 14 collectors from Nagoya area.
This is not Osaka pin meeting.
This is Nagoya Pin Party, so we needed collectors from Nagoya area!!

And of course, there were some collectors from other area.
The Logoholic and Me !

We did pin trading until 4PM,
and then we moved to other restaurant for special party.
At the party, we talked a lot with a lot of local foods and beers.

I really had great time with many collectors at HRC Nagoya.
Thank you !!


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